Courses Taught

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At Amherst College

As Instructor
  • Introduction to Analysis: SP2019, F2019, SP2020, SP2021, F2022
  • Real Analysis in Higher Dimensions: SP2020
  • Linear Algebra: F2022, SP2023
  • Transition to Theoretical Mathematics: F2018, SP2019
  • Intermediate Calculus: F2023
  • Introduction to the Calculus: F2018
  • Calculus with Algebra: F2020

At the University of Pittsburgh

As Instructor
  • Introduction to Theoretical Mathematics: F2017
    (Introduction to proofs for math majors/minors)
  • Ordinary Differential Equations I: SP2016
    (Proof-based course for math majors/minors)
  • Calculus I: F2015, F2016, F2017
  • Calculus II: F2015, SP2017

At the University of Missouri - Columbia

As Instructor
  • Calculus III: SP2014
  • Ordinary Differential Equations I: SS2012, SP2015
  • College Algebra: F2008, SP2009, F2009, SP2010, F2010, SP2011, F2013
  • Calculus for Social and Natural Sciences: F2010
  • Mathematics Prep Course for Summer Transitions Program: SS2013
As a Teaching Assistant
  • Analytic Geometry and Calculus I: F2009, SP2012
  • Calculus II: F2012, SP2013, SP2014, F2014
  • Calculus II Honors: SP2013
  • Advanced Calculus for One Real Variable: F2012

I recently started to teach using a Windows Surface Pro. Here is a video lecture of my Calculus I course at the University of Pittsburgh where I am using it.