Analysis on Metric Spaces

Department of Mathematics, University of Pittsburgh
March 10-11, 2017

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All talks will be held in 704 Thackeray Hall. Location Information

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Friday, March 10th

8:30AM - 9:00AM Coffee and Registration (in 705 Thackeray Hall)
9:00AM - 9:50AM Gareth Speight Porosity and Differentiability in Euclidean Spaces and Carnot Groups
10:00AM - 10:50AM Robert Young Embeddings of the Heisenberg group and the Sparsest Cut problem
11:00AM - 11:15AM Break
11:15AM - 11:35AM Anton Lukyanenko Quasiconvexity in the Heisenberg group
11:40AM - 12:00PM Scott Zimmerman Sobolev extensions of Lipschitz mappings into metric spaces
12:05PM - 1:30PM Lunch
1:30PM - 2:20PM Sean Li Singular integrals on Heisenberg curves
2:30PM - 3:20PM Vasileios Chousionis Quantitative rectifiability and intrinsic Lipschitz graphs in the Heisenberg group
3:30PM - 4:20PM Mario Bonk Quasisymmetric uniformization
4:30PM - Reception and Informal Open Problem Session

Saturday, March 11th

9:00AM - 9:30AM Coffee (in 705 Thackeray Hall)
9:30AM - 10:20AM Jeremy Tyson Heisenberg quasiregular ellipticity
10:30AM - 11:20AM Luca Capogna Conformal equivalence of visual metrics in pseudoconvex domains
11:30AM - 11:45AM Break
11:45AM - 12:05PM Vyron Vellis Euclidean sets contained in good surfaces
12:10PM - 12:30PM Xiaodan Zhou Sobolev embedding on a sphere containing an arbitrary Cantor set in the image
12:35PM - 2:00PM Lunch
2:00PM - 2:50PM Bruce Kleiner Rigidity of quasiconformal and Sobolev mappings between Carnot groups
3:00PM - 3:50PM Valentino Magnani Area of subsets in nilpotent groups
4:00PM - 4:15PM Break
4:15PM - 5:05PM Matthew Badger Structure theorems for Radon measures
5:15PM - 5:35PM Diego Ricciotti Regularity for p-harmonic functions in the Heisenberg group
5:40PM - 6:00PM Jake Mirra Developments on the Hölder equivalence question for the Heisenberg group